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What You Need to Know About Methylation PCR Kits and How to Use Them

In the realm of molecular biology, methylation PCR kits have emerged as a cutting-edge tool for diagnosing high-incidence malignant tumors. The early detection of these tumors is crucial to ensure a successful treatment and a higher survival rate. Today, we delve into the world of methylation PCR kits, their usage, advantages, and how certain products like those offered by Wuhan Ammunition Life-tech Co., Ltd. (WALT) are revolutionizing the field of cancer diagnostics.

Understanding Methylation PCR Kits

Methylation PCR kits are designed to detect specific DNA methylation, a biochemical process integral to gene regulation. Abnormal patterns of methylation can hint at the presence of cancer. These kits offer a non-invasive, quick, and highly sensitive method to detect such anomalies, thereby aiding early cancer detection.

WALT, a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, specializes in the production of such advanced diagnostic tools. Established in 2015, WALT has been focusing on the research and development, production, and sales of early non-invasive detection products for high-incidence malignant tumors.

How to Use Methylation PCR Kits

The process involves sample collection, pretreatment and extraction, bisulfite conversion and purification, followed by a qPCR procedure and analysis. The ease of use and quick turnaround time make these kits an attractive option for medical professionals globally.

WALT’s Range of Methylation PCR Kits

WALT’s range of products includes ICervsureIColocomfIColohunterIEsohunterIHepcomf, and IUterusure. These kits are designed to detect different types of cancers, including colorectal, esophageal, hepatic, cervical, and uterine cancers.

For instance, the IColohunter is a methylation PCR kit aimed at detecting colorectal cancer. Compared to traditional methods like colonoscopy, IColohunter offers a non-invasive, cost-effective, and quick solution with a high sensitivity rate.

The Advantage of Using WALT’s Methylation PCR Kits

WALT’s products stand out due to their non-invasive nature, ultra-sensitivity, fast results, simple sampling, cost-effectiveness, and simple testing procedure. Coupled with their commitment to quality, WALT has emerged as a trusted name in the B2B market, exporting their high-quality products globally.

To further understand the application of these kits, you may refer to this insightful blog post on Stool DNA testing and its role in diagnosing colorectal cancer.


In conclusion, methylation PCR kits are an innovative, non-invasive, and highly effective tool in the early detection of various forms of cancer. Companies like WALT, with their commitment to quality and innovation, are at the forefront of this medical revolution. To learn more about WALT and their range of products, visit their homepage.

Whether you’re a researcher, a medical professional, or a business in the healthcare industry, understanding the potential of methylation PCR kits could open up new avenues for early cancer detection, ultimately saving countless lives.

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