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A new starting point! WALT and Roche reach strategic cooperation agreement

A new starting point! WALT has successfully completed the strategic cooperation agreement with Roche Diagnostics, jointly promoting early screening and early diagnosis of cancer for the benefit of the general public.

On August 5, 2022, the strategic signing ceremony “Join Forces to Move Forward, United for the Future” held by the Wuhan Ammunition Life Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “WALT”) and the internationally renowned enterprise Roche Diagnostics was successfully completed in Wuhan. The two parties have reached in-depth strategic cooperation in the field of early screening and early diagnosis of cancer. They will jointly promote the comprehensive application and implementation of early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment of cancer, formulate a commercialization path with simultaneous internationalization and localization, accelerate the realization of the Healthy China strategy, and benefit patients.

1 A new starting point! WALT and Roche reach strategic cooperation agreement

The signing ceremony was held during the 2022 World Health Expo. This Health Expo was co-hosted by the Hubei Provincial People’s Government, the National Health Commission, and the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government. It is the first national professional health exhibition in Hubei Province, aiming to build a global health display platform, gather global medical resources, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the health industry, and meet the growing healthy life needs of the people.


In his speech, Mr. Tao Ni, Roche Diagnostics Senior Market Director, said that Roche Diagnostics’ cooperation with WALT is based on patients’ needs. Due to changes in residents’ dietary structure, the incidence of digestive tract cancers and colorectal cancer is increasing. WALT, based on the differences between the left and right colon, has globally pioneered the SDC2/TFPI2 dual-target detection technology – SDC2 gene methylation is more sensitive to right-sided colon tumors, and TFPI2 gene methylation is more sensitive to left-sided colon tumors. The combined detection of the two targets can comprehensively improve the detection sensitivity of left and right colon cancer to 95.3%. Combined with Roches high-precision PCR detection platform, the detection quality will be better guaranteed. Based on the Healthy China guidelines recommending people over 40 to undergo DNA methylation screening every three years. WALT and Roche Diagnostics will take this as a starting point and expand cooperation in the field of early screening and diagnosis of tumors in the future, benefiting more families and patients. Mr. Jintian Chen, Roche Diagnostics Vice President of China, expressed his vision and blessing for the cooperation between the two parties online.

2 A new starting point! WALT and Roche reach strategic cooperation agreement

Dr. Lianglu Zhang, Chairman and General Manager of Wuhan Ammunition Life Technology Co., Ltd. said that WALT and Roche Diagnostics have good complementary advantages. In the subdivided field of early tumor screening, WALT has the most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry, combining both product performance and convenience. Roche Diagnostics’ products and services network covers the whole country. With its first-class technical products and perfect services, it has gained extensive market coverage and reputation. The two parties will continue to deepen the undertaking of early screening and diagnosis of tumors, focus on diagnostic and treatment needs, and develop more tumor early screening and diagnosis products with clinical application value. With the use of early screening and diagnosis products, in the short term, some cases of early cancerous changes and precancerous lesions have been discovered, avoiding poverty or bankruptcy due to illness for some individuals and families; in the medium and long term, new products will supplement existing clinical diagnosis pathways and optimize the allocation of medical resources. By early discovery, the payment structure of medical insurance can be optimized; in the long run, through the implementation of affordable and convenient cancer screening programs, we can truly shift from passive treatment to active prevention, fundamentally reduce the incidence and mortality of cancer, lower medical costs, and make outstanding contributions to Chinas medical and health undertakings and the improvement of peoples quality of life.

3 A new starting point! WALT and Roche reach strategic cooperation agreement

Under the leadership of Vice Mayor Honghui Chen, the two sides of signing companies and the leaders and guests jointly lit up the signing ceremony launch ball, and exchanged and signed the strategic cooperation agreement under the witness of all the leaders and guests present.

4 A new starting point! WALT and Roche reach strategic cooperation agreement

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